Continuing Education Units

What is a CEU?

CEU is an acronym for “continuing education unit”. A CEU is a standard unit of measurement equal to 10 contact hours of participation in a professional development event/session. A contact hour is equivalent to one clock hour of actual seat time. Seat time is a measurement of directed communication and interaction to meet learning objectives and anticipated outcomes amongst presenter and participant. The presenter may be an individual or learning resource.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Through the Commission for Professional Certification and Credentials’ Professional Development Approval System (PDAS), CPCAC supports individuals and organizations in meeting professional development requirements and mastering new knowledge and skill sets. The PDAS consists of strong procedural standards, practices and policies. These standards and policies enable professional development participants to receive professional development of the highest quality, while receiving continuing education units (CEUs). CPCAC maintains records of every educational event that we award CEUs for a minimum of ten years after the event.

What are the benefits of CEUs?

CPCAC partners with organizations that are truly dedicated to providing quality professional development and continuing education events/programs.

Benefits of your professional development having CEUs include:

  • Provides validity and credibility
  • Adheres to a nationally recognized standard unit of measurement
  • Provides a system to document professional development events/sessions
  • Record of CEUs awarded are maintained in our database and is accessible to verify and validate event, session, and participant records